Mexican Express Food Service Packs

Mexican Express Food Services packs are suitable for food services both locally and
overseas. Mexican Express food service packs are attractive, provides easy storage and
handling and is ergonomic for today's QSRs.

Industrial Packs Aseptic
Food Service Packs Aseptic Non Aseptic
Retail Packs Aseptic Non Aseptic

Benefits of Food Service packs include:

  • Choice of Aseptic or Non Aseptic
  • Options of custom designed packs
  • Easy storage
  • Designed for easy dosing
  • Sizes range from 500g - 20kg
  • User friendly

500g - 5kg Options

  • Choice of VFF shaped bags includes square,
    rectangular, diamond and tubular
  • Thermal transferred labels

80g - 2kg Options

  • Aseptic or Non Aseptic
  • Stand-up or Pillow style
  • Spouted and/or Tear-off notch
  • Printed or unprinted

3Lt - 20Lt Options

  • Aseptic only
  • With or without fitments
  • Foiled or clear bags
  • Printed or unprinted cartons


Rapak CapBag In BoxPeristetic Pump
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